ARKTime is a timesheet & expenses software with an easy to use and attractive interface. Our software saves businesses time & money by allowing them to centralise your timesheets, expenses and holiday management with universal 24/7 access. Our software is suitable for project-based organisations, as well as companies who wish to track internal time and costs.

Online Time Tracking

Easy to use customisable online timesheets with comprehensive tutorials to get you up and running in no time. The web based timesheets can be accessed 24/7 from anywhere in the World.

Employee Leave Management

Manage leave allowances. Run reports to instantly see when your resources are away.

Resource Costing

Use timesheets to track project / job costs. Charge-out rates and employee pay rates can be tracked and reported on.

Online Expenses Submissions

Employees can submit expense forms online for approval. Keep administration to a minimum by allowing employees to use Timesheet Portal to see when they have been paid.

Comprehensive Timesheet Reports

Produce a variety of reports to give you valuable insight on how much time and money is being spent in your business on different project / tasks / jobs. Export to Excel / PDF.

Timesheet Management

Save time on managing timesheets. Instantly check for unsubmitted / unreviewed timesheets. Amend timesheets online and keep your users in line with automatic email reminders.